Swimming pool water treatment and disinfection

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Swimming pool water treatment and disinfection

In a simple, safe and economical way, it is possible to use ozone (O3) to treat pool water from different sources, obtaining water of high quality, crystal clear, without odor and without chlorinated by-products harmful to health, improving the well-being of users.

The ozone molecule is a powerful oxidizing agent

O3Waves equipment can be applied in the conversion of swimming pools originally treated with chlorine, salt or ultraviolet rays. This conversion is extremely simple and does not involve any work or change in the pool configuration.

O3Waves®<br>Tratamento e desinfeção da água da piscina

Ozone is extremely effective and a natural treatment for swimming pools, unlike pool chemicals that can pose a risk of intoxication for users.

Eliminate the discomfort of chlorine in your pool water

With the use of ozone, the water is treated in order to reach the microbiological and physical-chemical quality standards required for the various types of swimming pools (public and private, covered and uncovered) for the practice of sports, recreational and therapeutic activities.

A healthy pool needs, in addition to disinfection (ozone, chlorine or others), a stabilized pH and cleaning (flocculant/algicide).

O3Waves®<br>Tratamento e desinfeção da água da piscina

O3Waves equipment has a high treatment capacity and is compact, allowing easy placement and simple and flexible installation. They present low operating and maintenance costs.

With ozone you have a 100% healthy pool

Advantage of pool water treatment with O3Waves:
– Does not produce organochlorine compounds;
– Does not leave any odor or taste in the water;
– 100% natural process without the addition of chemical products;
– Reduces the possibility of skin and eye irritation;
– As ozone is a powerful disinfectant, some chlorine resistant contaminants are eliminated;
– High quality and healthier water;
– Does not change the alkalinity and pH of the water;
– Can be installed in all types of pool;
– It is a very competitive solution, as it does not need transport and storage of reagents. The reagent that consumes is oxygen, which is available in large amounts in air.

We develop solutions and ship our equipment to any country.

O3Waves®<br>Tratamento e desinfeção da água da piscina