Swimming pool water treatment and disinfection

Ozone water application in agriculture

Water treatment and disinfection of municipal water, boreholes or wells

Pool water reuse

Elimination of Legionella

Rainwater harvesting

Gray water reuse

Wastewater reuse

Fungus elimination

Wastewater reuse

Waste water should not be considered a waste to be disposed of, but rather a resource.

The reuse of wastewater through ozone is achieved thanks to its great high oxidizing power.

The ozone molecule is a powerful oxidizing agent

With the use of ozone, wastewater is treated in order to reach the required microbiological and physical-chemical quality standards, and can later be totally reused in WCs or irrigation.

Wastewater reuse

It can be used as an adaptation solution to climate change, as it saves the use of municipal water, reducing the demand for this treated water.

The equipments have a high treatment capacity and are compact, allowing for easy placement and simple and flexible installation. They present low operating and maintenance costs.

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