Swimming pool water treatment and disinfection

Ozone water application in agriculture

Water treatment and disinfection of municipal water, boreholes or wells

Pool water reuse

Elimination of Legionella

Rainwater harvesting

Gray water reuse

Wastewater reuse

Fungus elimination

Pool water reuse

In all pools, it is necessary to filter the water so that the residues that appear are trapped in the filter.

The process is quite simple, the pool water is pumped and passes through the filter, where the particles and dirt remain, leaving the water free from impurities. Once the water is clean, it must be disinfected and returned to the pool.

The ozone molecule is a powerful oxidizing agent

The filter must be cleaned frequently, this water being wasted and sent to the sewer.

In a simple, safe and economical way, it is possible to use ozone to treat the washing water in the pool filter and allow it to be reused.

Reuse of pool backwash water

With O3Waves we can reach the necessary microbiological and physicochemical quality standards, which can later be totally reused in WCs or irrigation.

It can be used as an adaptation solution to climate change, as it saves the use of municipal water, reducing the demand for this treated water.

The equipment has a high treatment capacity and is compact, allowing for easy placement and simple and flexible installation. They have low operating and maintenance costs.

We develop solutions and ship our equipment to any country.