Swimming pool water treatment and disinfection

Ozone water application in agriculture

Water treatment and disinfection of municipal water, boreholes or wells

Pool water reuse

Elimination of Legionella

Rainwater harvesting

Gray water reuse

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Fungus elimination

Fungus elimination

To prevent the spread of fungi, it is prudent to disinfect the spaces that we usually use and that have the greatest potential for their appearance (warehouses, bakeries, etc.).

Ozone is a powerful oxidant that effectively kills microorganisms. The ozonation system is the best ally for these types of situations, its production does not require reagents, it can be installed in one place and run 24/7 or used alternately for a few minutes in different rooms.

The ozone molecule is a powerful oxidizing agent

With O3Waves we can achieve the microbiological quality standards necessary to eliminate the presence of fungi.

The equipment has a high treatment capacity and is compact, allowing for easy placement and simple and flexible installation. They have low operating and maintenance costs.

We develop solutions and ship our equipment to any country.

Elimination of fungus