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Wine without 'cork taint'

Innovative and ecological solution avoids TCA (2,4,6 - trichloroanisole) that affect the taste of wine.

TCA (2,4,6 - trichloroanisole), responsible in popular slang for the 'cork taint' or the wine to be corked or 'corky', can form in the presence of chlorophenols. For the formation of chlorophenols, it is necessary for a substance containing phenol to come into contact with a source of chlorine.

Washing corks or bottles with chlorine enhances the possible appearance of chlorophenols.

The ozone molecule is a powerful oxidizing agent

Disinfection in the sector is moving towards a reduction in the consumption of synthetic chemicals. With O3Waves you can alternatively apply ozone without affecting the volume and quality of food production.

The use of ozone will allow the elimination of all pathogenic elements present in the water without potentiating chlorophenols, precursors of TCA.

The treatment of water with ozone allows not having any consumption of reagents, since it uses only the oxygen present in the air.

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Wine without 'cork taint'